Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Coming back to blogger

Well I gave it a try on Wordpress, seduced as I was by their amazing layout that I have to say are more glam than blogger. But there was a price to pay.
I just couldn't get on with their system and it put me off blogging as every time I went to blog I just couldn't work out were every thing was!
It's probably just me and the fact that I'm a sporadic blogger, I get my head around the site, where every thing is and comfortable with it then a week or two goes by without blogging and I sit in front of the pc again and .........blank.
Where is every thing? How do I...?? etc.
So here I am back on good ol' blogger, at least I know where I am here!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

To be or not to be?


I recently found myself in the position of having to justify my being a tarot reader, and more importantly (I felt) making a living as a tarot reader, as I believe it was this aspect of my tarot reading career that was really irksome to the particular individual with whom I was in conversation.
I also make a living as an artist and jewellery designer which was also known to this person but overlooked, as well, let’s face it, being a tarot reader and getting paid for it just seems to bring out irritation in some people, and it was this that prompted my blog post today.
What is it about getting paid for giving readings that seems to really bug some people?

I started reading tarot in my teens that was a very, very long time ago!
I started out with a Marseille deck and back then there really wasn’t much choice as very few shops stocked them, there was no internet then and if I hadn’t come across a second hand shop….well I wouldn’t be writing this blog post now.

I still have that first deck.

Since then there’s been a lot of learning, a LOT of learning!
Hours spend pouring over books, the odd workshop here and there, and study, study, study, mostly through reading and practice with me asking questions about current events, this way I could verify if my readings were on the mark or not and all this was way before I launched myself on the public.
I started to practice and study within the Western Mystery Tradition with the S.O.L (The Servants of the Light) as they were called then and my magical training became combined with my tarot practice.

Why am I telling you all this?

 That’s my point.

I couldn’t possibly go into all this with this person, it was neither the time nor the place to do so and more importantly I didn’t feel I should have to.
I think it’s the nature of the game as they say, and perhaps it’s largely due to the fact that with a tarot reading, on the surface there is often, very subtle perceptible results, and in the moment not something an observer would pick up on.

There are always parts of a reading that will hit home with the querent and these sometime bring tears of joy and of sorrow but in my experience it takes a little time for the full extent and meaning of the reading to become known, digested and understood.

This was one of the reasons I called my shop and this blog ThisUnFolding, because that is exactly what I feel my readings do, they unfold within the consciousness of the querent, an energy that gently reveals itself, becoming more and more relevant as time passes, not an easy thing to explain especially to someone who’s obviously irritated that I make my living ‘just talking about pictures!’

So I do get a little annoyed when someone thinks it’s their God given right to demand that I justify myself to them regarding my career choice but I simply say it’s what I do because I’m dam good at it and people wouldn’t keep coming back to see me for readings if I wasn’t and for me, that’s all the justification needed.

Judgment card by Jane Lee Horton

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Solar Eclipse Reading

I have the wonderful ‘Oracle of the Radiant Sun’ book and deck which are really astrology cards, but I also use them in my own way as an oracle deck.

The usual way of reading them is in the houses as you would read a birth chart, but it’s fun, interesting and surprisingly accurate to read them in other ways.
Using just three, I asked the cards ‘How will the coming astral alignments affect me personally over the coming weeks?’
I read the cards as card No. as my current situation and energy and the next two cards as what follows as advise and events moving forward.

I read the cards using the numbers (I reduce the numbers down to single digits and read them according to the sephiroth on the tree of life) the planetary symbols, the key words and of course the images on each card.

So, I drew three cards – Submission – Appreciation – Birth.

Their numbers reduce to 3 which is the third Sephiroth on the tree of life and is known as Understanding, this is the place of the Universal Mother in her dark aspect, and as such I expect to undergo some deep learning and soul searching, not in a negative way but as a kind of ‘de-clutter’ kind of way. To receive new ways of understanding and learning often means breaking down the habitual ways of the past and sometimes this can be a painful or at least a enlightening experience!

The first card Submission is Venus in Pisces – Shows a cherub and two fishes in the top corners and the symbol of Venus, with a little blue bird in a cage inside the recess of a beautiful window, the overall feel of the card is passive, pretty pastel shades giving it a sense of peace but also of withdrawal as the card image draws you inward.

Venus in Pisces is the energy of the dreamer, and indicates that I am sensitive to the energies and moods of others at this time I would also add due to the question that this also refers to being sensitive to planetary energies.

The blue bird is free to fly away but has chosen to stay inside the cage, it’s facing away from the cage door, and I read this as a choice to stay, suggesting that I am in some way sheltering myself from what I feel is coming. Preferring to stay with what I know and understand, even though, at this time this may confining.

This is true from my personal perspective as I’m being made redundant soon and I’m embarking on self-employment and that’s a little scary, it’s not by choice but something I have to deal with.

The key word here is Submission, and I think this is what the card is advising me to do, to stay with what I know for the immediate time.

The second cards is Appreciation and Moon in Leo – shows the card divided in to too unequal sections, the larger image is of a woman playing a lute and looking at a little bird, interestingly it is the same blue bird as we saw in the cage in the first card. Now it has chosen to fly the cage and hovers at eye level with the woman.

This tells me that I will soon make the decision to move forward away from my current situation and hesitation. Leaving behind the confines of what I have known for the last 15 years, and enter into more open spaces, indicated by the wide blue sky of this card.
The woman in the card seems to act as enticement to the bird, calling it forth with her music.
I sense that this is indicating that I’m ready to dance to a different tune, to join in the dance.
Below is the image of a cornucopia, brimming over with the fruits of the earth, suggesting that this act of moving, getting out there with my new ventures (of which there are several!) brings a promise of this wonderful harvest, suggesting abundance, but it is yet only the promise, it has not materialised yet.
The Moon in Leo energy is one of creation and self-expression, and suggests my confidence may grow as the weeks pass, but also carries a warning not to be over confident, I am still in the realm of the Dark Mother and lessons here are often difficult but necessary to further growth.

The key word Appreciation, I see as understanding no one is an island and it’s important to appreciate what we already have and to give something back, that whatever I may achieve I owe an obligation to those around me and to the universe. The overall feel of this card is brighter and livelier.

The last card is Birth and Venus in Cancer – is quite a complex image and shows an angel kneeling on a plinth, holding an orb with a baby growing within it. The sun and moon attached by a thread. Beneath the plinth is the dark earth, and in a recess within it is a sleeping baby. On either side of this are the sigils of the seal of Venus and the spirit of Venus.
The whole image suggests gestation, new life and the blessing thereof by cosmic energy.

Which is good news for me as I’m about to launch my business within the next 10 weeks!

The angel has one hand holding the gestating child and the other behind her back, suggesting that all is not revealed but the overall feel of the card is positive, but birth always carries risks and some of the darkness within this image suggest this.

The Venus in Pisces energy is nurturing, caring and creative and this is good as this will be required for the area I’m considering going into with my business.

Considering the current cosmic happenings, the solar eclipse, the spring equinox and the supermoon I feel this is a positive reading overall, especially when I look at some of the other cards that I could have drawn, such as Manipulation, Seduction, Loss and Revenge!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Oline classes

I'm currently taking online classes set up by Andrew McGregor of the fab The Hermits Lamp website
and the first class is given by Enrique Enriquez, an amazing poet and Tarologist.
I'm so excited to be able to take part in these classes, other teachers are: Yoav Ben-Dov, Camelia Elias, Christophe Carrozza, and Andrew McGregor.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mr Em.

                                                               The Emperor speaks

In my last interview with the Tarot I was talking with the Empress and the Emperor as I felt they made such a good pair it would be interesting to see how they behaved with each other, often seen as a pair, much as we might a husband and wife.
later, In future posts I will be looking at pairs as they ascend and descend the tree of life as taught by William Grey, where we will encounter them in a very different way.
This will explore their anabolic and catabolic powers in an esoteric sense, but more on that later.

So, to begin.

"Good afternoon Emperor, how are you and are you happy to speak with me today?"

"I am always happy to speak with one of my subjects, Pilgrim and you find me in a relaxed moment, so let us proceed"

"I had the pleasure of speaking with the good lady Empress recently sir and she made an observation and posed a question to me that I found intriguing and I would like to put that question to you now if I may? You seem preoccupied with some far off spectacle, what is it sir that captivates you?"

"If you looks closely Pilgrim you will see it is not towards my empire that I look but to the heavens, for that is where I gain my inspiration and my sovereignty, in all things I must act with divine inspiration for that is my job, my office"

"I see Emperor, I also see that with the Empress, in her image the shield and the emblem are small and she holds them close to her, in your image the shield is much larger and is set on the ground, can you explain please?"

"I am the active principle, my energy is outward focused - where my Empress is more receptive, passive and more inward focused. I have an active shield (notice the holding sections?) where as on my Empress's shield these are missing, my shield is on the ground to be ready for action and also to show that my concern is with the things of earth, the practical. My ladies shield is closest to her womb, her instinctive principle."

"I see Emperor, may I make an observation? I see that the Empress holds the sceptre at an angle, I have spoken to her about this and we are in agreement that this indicates her gut feelings and nurturing soul. You on the other hand Emperor hold your sceptre very upright and straight"

"Ever observant of you Pilgrim, yes and this is because I wish to show my subjects that I am a man of the earth through which the heavens speaks, straight and true, as would be expected of me"

"Thank you sir, I will take no more of your time, it has been enlightening to speak with you, until we meet again, good buy"

There will be more in the series later...

Friday, 13 February 2015

Em & Em - part1

Mr & Mrs - An interview with the Emperor and the Empress.
I decided to interview these two together as they are often seen as a pair, hence the title Mr and Mrs.

I think there is such a dynamic between these two cards it’s much more interesting to interview them side by side rather than as individual cards.
They have an unusual dynamic in that if they were joint rulers as you’d imagine an Emperor and Empress would be they don’t seem to be very much in tune!
The first thing that I noticed with this pair is the fact that they are ignoring each other, and it looks quite frosty!
So I began my dialogue with the Empress as she looks rather annoyed with her consort.
 “Madam I must say that I’m rather surprised that you are still here as you look like you’d rather be anywhere but alongside your Emperor”
“Truly it may seem so, but as I am to exude a professional ambiance at all times I’m afraid I have an image to keep up, that of the supportive consort and muse”
“I must say you look rather stern in this deck the wonderful Marseille, in others you look like the archetypal mother, I would say that at this present time, you look anything but the eternal mother, although I guess it would be fair to say that as a co-ruler of an empire you may seem to be so to your subjects of that I’m sure”
"There are many ways that I am seen, Pilgrim.
I am seen as one half of a whole and sometimes this is annoying as I am an entity in my own right and I find it most annoying, having to always explain myself.
You see it all began when we were being written down, or suppose I should say illustrated?
It’s not easy you know when you are not able to speak but through the mouths of others, I am always trying to influence those that use the cards so that they get the right impression”.
“I understand Empress I can see where this may cause you concern, as many read your image as though they already know you without actually looking at you, it’s as if they have heard about you second hand, and believe what they have heard without engaging with you, most frustrating for you I’d imagine”
Tell me what does your consort think of all this, Is he even aware of the situation? He seems rather preoccupied here next to you, I understand that he probably has much to do about this kingdom that may account for his attention being elsewhere”.
"I cannot speak for him I think you will understand more when you are able to talk to him yourself, and then I think that it will all become much, much clearer to you Pilgrim.
There is one way in which it may be interesting for you to engage with my partner in crime…. Ask him what he is looking at; ask him what engages his attention”

“Indeed I shall Empress, but I have an observation I would like to explore with you if I may?”
You hold my gaze rather well and give me your undivided attention, I like that Empress it makes me feel as though I am being attended to, as though my questions are really heard and contemplated.
You give the air of someone who takes her tasks seriously, I like that, and you seem to me to be interested in whom so ever consults you, they’re inner world and the current moment”
The Emperor on the other hand seems to be more of an ideas man, and more interested in far reaching events than people!”
You hold the shield with your family emblem and crest close to you in an almost protective, loving manner and your sceptre you hold close to your womb. This suggests to me that many of your decisions concerning your role as Empress hail from your gut feelings and your nurturing soul, could I be correct Madam?”
“How observant of you Pilgrim, and yes I cannot deny that I feel my subjects are my family and as such of great import to me”
“Well I shall take your advice Madam and if I may, I will speak with your consort the Emperor, good day and thank you for a most interesting conversation”
The Emperor in conversation tomorrow.